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The new In Running Guide

New for January 2017

My In Running Guide to horse racing complete with 15 never before seen, exclusive in running videos!

This book will look at all the angles for making a success of trading the UK racing markets in running, that is during the actual running of the race.

I discovered enough knowledge watching many thousands of races to know when my horse was beaten and I wouldn’t be collecting at the end of the race. Now I apply those skills to horses I have not bet on before the race, but nevertheless (in my opinion) no longer have a chance to win, and can be laid during the race.

This is NOT the same as forming an opinion before the race that a certain horse can’t win, and laying it and hoping it gets beaten. That is a fast way to the poor house.

We are backing and laying horses on the UK horse racing markets after the race has started.

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Tony Hargraves

Tony Hargraves
Tony HargravesThe Sports Trader

My name is Tony Hargraves, better known as “The Badger”. I started trading in 2004, after a friend requested I find a way to back all events in a match and win regardless of the result. The resulting search found Betfair and the rest is history — we opened accounts and played with the numbers and now consider it the only way to operate in the sports betting industry.

By 2008 I was trading full time. I was an active member of the forum at RacingTraders, posting videos and advice for users of the BetTrader trading software product. At the suggestion of the owner of RacingTraders, I started teaching via trading courses at various locations around the U.K.

I offer advice on trading and run courses on the subject, check out my Books, Courses and the highlight service, the Daily Trader.