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Tony Hargraves
Tony HargravesThe Sports Trader

My name is Tony Hargraves, better known as “The Badger”. I started trading in 2004, after a friend requested I find a way to back all events in a match and win regardless of the result. The resulting search found Betfair and the rest is history — we opened accounts and played with the numbers and now consider it the only way to operate in the sports betting industry.

By 2008 I was trading full time. I was an active member of the forum at RacingTraders, posting videos and advice for users of the BetTrader trading software product. At the suggestion of the owner of RacingTraders, I started teaching via trading courses at various locations around the U.K.

I offer advice on trading and run courses on the subject, check out my Books, Courses and the highlight service, the Daily Trader.