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Saturday Scalping

It is harder to trade the racing on a Saturday but use the extra liquidity and stability to use larger trade size and just look for one or two one tick trades. This trade does not use my usual entry points but when the mountain won't come to you, then you go to the mountain.

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Trading Any Horse

Sorry for the dire audio and a bit of a fuzzy recording. This shows how it doesn't matter which horse you select, as long as you pick the right side of the trade first depending on the money and resistance points signals.

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One Tick Scalping

Trading with two minutes to go before the start, just doing one tick scalping trades, showing what to look for when deciding when and where to do your trades.

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First Half

Trading the first half of a race, when none of the horses are really exerting, nothing much happens and prices bounce all over the place for no obvious reason.

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Tick Offset

Showing how the tick offset tool in BetTrader works, using the hedging function to equalise the profit over all runners, ensuring profit no matter which horse wins.

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Trading Every Horse

This video shows how it doesn't matter which horse you trade, you can trade any or all of them, it is just a case of getting in and out at the right point in the market.

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