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Four ebooks “Sports Trader“, “Racing Trader“, “Cricket Trader“, and “Strategies” delivering everything you need to know to successfully trade sports markets on Betfair.


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The Daily Trader is my 12 year old service delivering you the exact same trades I do, fully researched and planned, direct to your inbox with plenty of time to execute the trades.


My name is Tony Hargraves.  I started trading in 2004, after a friend requested I find a way to back all events in a match and win regardless of the result. The resulting search found Betfair which was not well known in Australia and the rest is history — we opened accounts and played with the numbers and now consider it the only way to operate in the sports betting industry.

By 2008 I was trading full time. I was an active member of the Betfair Traders Forum at RacingTraders, posting videos and advice for users of the BetTrader trading software product. At the suggestion of the (then) owner of RacingTraders (Adam Todd) I started teaching via trading courses at various locations around the U.K.

I offer advice on trading and run courses on the subject, check out my Books, Courses and the highlight service, the Daily Trader.


Two things you need to trade successfully: 1: A Betfair account & BetTrader. Additionally, Formlab (banner below) is a great tool for stats.
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warningWhen on Betfair, or any exchange, only use money you are prepared to lose. As with any form of gambling Trading has its risks. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. If you think you have a problem with Gambling visit: Gamble Aware.