Hot Dogs Laying service –

Hot Dogs is our NEW greyhound laying service delivering laying advice each weekday with occasional bonus weekend lays (when available)

We have set up a private Hot Dogs members room in Telegram and the daily PDF will be sent to that room for each day.

They will be sent each morning to the Telegram room.  Other times, we will advise lays as we find them and they will be spontaneous when we feel like doing a few races.

You can cancel at any time. Just open the Telegram bot and cancel your subscription.

****Please be aware that once you cancel, access to the Hot Dogs room will be removed. So wait until the last day of your subscription to cancel, and maybe set an alarm in your calendar.

It is not just me doing these lays and we have a team of guys looking at the dogs each day, and we will send our best selections.

There will be additional lays just sent to the Telegram room when we see something we like and are happy to share these with you.

We bet every one of these ourselves and are not just a tipping service, with no consequence of the outcome. We have our own money riding on them along with you.

We look forward to seeing you in there and doing some bets together, and more importantly, having a great laugh and making some money!

How are we getting on? Results

The results page will be updated every day or as soon as possible after the races.

What are the costs and what are the options?

£4.50 day pass to try us out for a day.

£7.99 weekly pass to try us for a week.

£24.99 per month to give it a full test and see how we perform over a month.

See you there!

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