Daily Live Alert Service

The daily live alert service is NOT a tipping service. I don’t want you to think you are paying me for my tips. What you are paying for (if you choose to do so) is to be informed each day, via Telegram which trades I am doing myself at the exact moment I do them.

Some days I will do none, and there are no trades. The trades will be mostly football, and occasionally some cricket. 

I do not cover racing as my racing trading is just scalping prices and trading races in running and I can’t advise what I am doing as I don’t know myself until the race starts. So no racing.

So firstly let’s get that understood, this service is the information on the trades and goals bets I do, and at the prices I do them, at the exact time I do them. I won’t send stakes advice as everyone will have their own bank size and staking plan, so you just choose your own bet size. I would recommend no more than 5% of your bank be risked on any one bet.

The most common questions are about results and strike rate and ROI etc.

The strike rate is likely to be below 50% because the prices we are betting at mean the risk is often very low, but the reward when right will be decent. We may lose six in a row but winning the seventh would have us in profit, so we are really talking low risk, high reward. we could also win 10 or 12 in a row. It will go on small runs of wins and losses. 

As for profit, every single member will get a slightly different result because you all use different stakes, get slightly differing prices (I may say lay at 1.20 and you will get 1.22 and someone will get 1.18) and sometimes these price differences will be in our favour and some against. They will balance out over time. Most of the time, as I am laying when I expect goals, getting on after me will be a benefit and you will get a lower price (this is good). 

So if you make £20 on a trade, someone else may make £15 and one may make £25.

The best plan (always) is to keep your own results and see exactly how the service does for YOU, at the prices and stakes you get matched.

This is a broadcast channel only and is one way communication. I post a trade in the group and you decide if you wish to follow it.

You can set an alert and I will be the only one posting in it, so you won’t have your phone pinging all day. 

So here is the deal.  My service is the trades I do as I do them, when I feel very confident we will land the bet. 

Try the service, keep your results to see how it performs. If it is not working for you, leave. If you join and after a week don’t like it, I will fully refund you. 

After that if you don’t want another month, just cancel and that’s that.

So the decision is yours, but by being a member you get access to a full time trader, can ask questions and get help with any of your trading issues. You can get me via our public Telegram rooms. 

All you need to do to get these alerts is have a Telegram account and you can sign up using the Telegram bot link at the bottom of this page.

This is a Telegram ONLY service and a Telegram account (free) is essential to be a member. There is no other way to get the advice. 

You just click sign up now, and go to the LRC Telegram Bot and click start at the bottom of the bot page (you may need to click send message first to get to the bot) and then select Broadcast room.

So if you think this may be for you, then for under £10 a week, it might just be worth you giving it a try.

I hope to see you in our group.


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