Welcome to the ALL NEW Live Horse Racing and Football Trading Club. The racing club started in 2021 and is going along nicely with a great happy group of traders.

What is the Live Horse Racing and Football Trading Club?

It is a members ONLY group giving you exclusive access to all of the activities of the group for each month you wish to be a member. There is no minimum time, and you can leave and come back as you like. There are day passes if you just want to join for 24 hours to trade a game or a race day to see what it’s like. 

Who is it for?

Anyone that wishes to learn or improve their knowledge and approach to in running trading on the UK horse racing, strategies, trading mindset, and every aspect of race reading, and race analysis in general. We are now also covering live football in the English Premier league and some other competitions. 

Why should you join?

I have been involved in horse racing on betting exchanges since 2004 and full time since 2008. I have run hundreds of trading courses and written seven eBooks on every aspect of sports trading. Focussing mainly on horse racing, I have done many courses for Betfair UK and Betfair Australia from 2009 to 2019. I have traded racing at least five days a week for the past 12 years and I am offering to pass on all of that experience and knowledge in a new racing club, which will include some innovations never offered before by any other trader.

I will be trading the racing LIVE, three or four days a week, via a webinar, to help you with any particular part of in running racing that may be troubling you. I will help you with analysis, staking, strategy, bank management, recovery, mindset, setting up a trading station, every single angle of horse racing will be covered. You will hear me analysing the race AS IT UNFOLDS, and advising which horses to trade and the prices to do it. You will be clearly told, when to enter and when to exit, and importantly when to abandon a failing trade and look for a new position.

We will also be looking at race replays, analysing races of interest to highlight signals and take advantage of opportunities, before the majority of other traders in the market see them. This allows you to get in first and get better prices and be able to execute trades well before other people in the same market. The days will vary each month, depending on when and where the meetings are on. All seven days will be covered at various times, and there will be some evening meetings traded in the summer. We will also look at Australian and USA racing, so you get a thorough understanding of how the subtle differences in racing style work, and see the huge difference in the in running markets in those countries.

We will be doing morning, afternoon and evening sessions to allow everyone a chance to attend live sessions, no matter where you live. So Australians will get plenty of chances to trade live with us. Some sessions (not all) will be recorded and uploaded to a members only website so any live session you miss, will be available just a few hours after the live event, should you wish to use it for research.

With the Football trading, we will be trading the games live. I will give you some pre game analysis, set out my strategy for the game and then we will watch the games unfold and place trades as we go. 

What do you get for your subscription fee?

You get exclusive access to me seven days a week. You will have all emails answered within 24 hours. You will get members only access to webinars, podcasts, videos, a private members only Telegram group, plus live trades as I do them on the spot. You will get help with any difficult aspect of racing or football you need advice on. None of this will be publicly available and I will be solely focussed on our group and helping you get where you want to be as far as trading the racing and football goes.

The group will cover horse racing analysis, trends, statistics, strategies and will include many days and evenings of me live trading racing with you. We will watch and trade races and football games together and I will advise the trades I am doing, why I am doing them, and you can either follow or just be an observer. We will also then review the day of racing and look at certain trades and things we did and saw during the race in Webinar Central twice a week. This may be in the form of a small 45 minute session on the morning after a day of racing, as it helps to reflect on the trades we did and why we did them. Rather than just watch my videos and try to pick up tips and signals from them, you will get to see it done live, week after week and be able to ask questions and do the trades your self and hopefully make money! Then will you feel you are ready, you would leave the group and embark on your own racing career. With football, you will learn how to analyse a game and trade it live, and when to let trades run or trade out or to take a position in a different market where we will be in a position that both bets can win, but only one can lose. So this is about education and not just making money. Hopefully you get both from your membership. 

What does it cost?

The cost is £99 per month and can be set up as a recurring payment. You can leave at any time. You get both clubs for the one payment. A total of 32 webinars per month. 

When considering the cost, think of it like this. Normally, a one day seminar at my house in Yorkshire costs £495, and you get to see me trade and give you all the information I can in one day in around six to eight hours. For the same cost, you get access to FIVE MONTHS of content, information, learning and most importantly, live trading.

To break that down for you into easily understandable numbers, if you were to stay for five months, you are getting 150 days of membership with a combination of  live trading (six days a week) and race reading education. That is broken down as follows.

£3.53 per day £24.75 per week £99.00 per month

It is like you being able to come to my house each day, buy me a cup of coffee and a donut, and sit with me for a few hours and listen and watch as I show you everything I know about trading.  If that sounds fair, then this Live Racing  and Football Club may be of interest to you.

None of the content I produce for the Racing and Football Club membership group will be public. You will have paid for it, so only you will get to see it. 

Why am I doing this?

It is very clear to me that for most people, the holy grail of trading is to master horse racing or football. It is, in their mind, the pinnacle of trading. Racing also happens to be the hardest thing to master. Football and cricket are far easier, but it is racing most people really want to crack. Out of every 100 courses I do, 95 are on racing, so this club will be mainly racing focussed, but we will do three live football games a week. I am asked so many questions on racing, that I have decided to put this group together, so we can all work together as I found during the six months of the 100 Club, people worked much better in a group, and they learned more and enjoyed it far more. Having other people’s experiences to witness and learn from, massively enhanced the  personal experience for most people.

If you would like to be a part of an exclusive 100 member racing and football club, and get all the personal help, advice and attention you need, then come and join us and reap the benefits of being in a private group, with no outside negativity, and be in a place where everyone encourages everyone to help them succeed.

If you are interested, please go here Live Racing and Football Club and get on the list. It is strictly limited to 100, and once they are taken, that’s it.

I look forward to welcoming you into our group, getting to know you, and helping you advance your sports trading knowledge and results.