The BetJet Cloud Greyhound betting service is a brand new copy bet service. You can have the exact bets I do on dogs replicated on your Betfair account. The first question you will have is “How does that work”? So I will deal with that one first.

We have created a cloud based application called BetJet Cloud. The way it works, is once you have been through Betfair security, and authorised your account via the BetJet Cloud dashboard, then all selected greyhound bets that I do on my account, get replicated on yours.  You have full and total control over how much is being bet, and the total amount at risk.

You do not need to be present to have the bets placed. You do not need to have your computer turned on. It is accessed via a website and you simply set Active to yes/no and set a virtual bank (VB). That virtual bank is the amount of real money you are prepared to put at risk.

You can also instruct BetJet Cloud to stop by simply changing the Active icon from yes to no and clicking save setting. You can turn it on or off from your phone, a tablet or PC. 

So even if you have a £2000 balance in your Betfair account, and you have the VB set to £100, then the most you can possibly lose from your balance is £100. You would then set a points bank to divide that bank by how many points you would like. If you then set the points to 10, with a VB of 100, then you are risking £10 per bet and would need to lose 10 straight bets to lose the bank.

I have two services, for football and dogs.

With my dogs, I will be laying to a set liability, with a maximum price of 10.00. You can set the amount of risk per bet from your dashboard and change it at any time.

Once you have booked one of the 100 only seats, you will get an email to authorise everything, details for Telegram and a link to the subscription bot.

The cost is £25 a month, so less than £1 per day.

With my Football, we could be backing or laying to a maximum preset (by you) risk.

We have a limit of 100 spaces and there is no minimum term, cancel at any time.

We are limiting it at the moment until we see what effect the instant submission of bets has on the market, as we do not want anyone disadvantaged by us trying to submit too much.

We can increase as we know what the market can tolerate. On football we expect no issues at all with liquidity.

You can see my offering on the football here. BetJet Cloud Football

To see a basic video of how it works, please go here. BetJet Cloud

You can see the website and which tipsters are available for multiple sports and services at BetJet Cloud

Any questions, just use the contact page on this website.