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The Daily Trader is my service delivering the exact same trades I do direct to your inbox in good time to place the trades.

I will give you detailed instructions about entry and exit, when to get in and out of the trade and as I do each trade myself they are fully researched and planned.

This is a professional sports analysis and trading service for those interested in making an income from mainstream UK and Australian sports.

Please read the description below for full details and the NEW LIVE TRADING  opportunities for 2021.

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Join me each day as I send you my personal trades that I analyse and rate and place my own money on. This is far more than a “tipping service” where the result does not matter to the person that gives the tip. No, on this service, if I win, you win and if you lose, then I have lost too.

Hotmail users, please read this before ordering.

It also means there are not trades every day just for the sake of sending you something. These are all fully planned and researched and then an email sent, trade or not, to you every day in an easy to read, simple to understand format and you just follow the instructions.

It is also an education in how I analyse matches and why I select what I choose to send you. So you get an explanation of why I have come to the conclusion I have and I teach you to research and uncover your own trades.

So if you want to earn as you learn, join the SportsTrader Daily Trading Service now and have all the hard work done for you.

This service also provides speedy email support and live trading on Twitter  and Telegram so you can get all the help you need instantly should the need arise.

What’s new for 2021?

As trading has evolved over the past 15 years, it has become clear that a newer, faster approach is required. I have now implemented that approach. Instead of just sending you a bet or trade 24 hours before the event, I now offer a LIVE service where I am able to send an update, a change of position, or even a new position on a match instantly to your phone. So the second I decide to add to, or exit a trade, or make a trade during the match, you will get that information instantly.

There is a Telegram group where everyone can come and go and chat amongst themselves to discuss trades, also a Members Only Channel when I can instantly broadcast my positions to you. I have ceased posting information on the Twitter feed and that is now purely used for marketing.

So if you like the idea of having INSTANT access to myself, and other members in the group, then this is for you.

Hope to see you soon.



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