Daily Trading Webinars

//Daily Trading Webinars

Daily Trading Webinars

£7.50 / month

(24 customer reviews)

The Daily Trading Webinars is my NEW service delivering live webinars Monday to Friday during the current lockdown for Coronavirus.

I have set up a private room in Telegram and each day the link will be sent to the room for the webinar.

There may be more than one a day, and any time something of interest crops up, we will cover it.

There may be some on weekends and it is quite likely but I won’t commit to more than Monday to Friday right now. Let’s see how we go.

They will be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and will depend on the topic and how things are going at the time.

You can cancel at any time. Just go into PayPal and cancel your subscription.

The webinars will have voice so if anyone wishes to speak, they will be able to contribute.

If you can’t make the webinar on any given day, don’t worry as it will be recorded and the link posted in the room.

Please read the description below for full details and I look forward to keeping you informed and entertained during this unfortunate downtime.

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Join me each day as I do live webinars on many different subjects. We will cover any sport that is on, anywhere in the world and will try to cover racing and greyhounds wherever they run.

I will do educational webinars showing you how to use various tools and websites and show you how I analyse football games and arrive at the prices for various bets.

I will see if we can look at videos of various sports and watch them, and then I will explain what I was thinking at the time, and the way I break down races in running to make the decisions I make.

I will do interviews with interesting people in the business and even some of the people in our Telegram group.

I will be taking requests if there is anything you want to see or don’t understand, so feel free to drop me a message if you have anything you would like to see.

What’s the cost?

As much as I would like to be able to provide this for nothing, it will involve a good part of my day each day to bring you a webinar, then edit it and post it for those in the group that want to watch it back so there will be a monthly charge of £5.00 for the first 100 people.

Once we have 100 I will be changing the price to £7.50 per month, as a reward for the early subscribers. We have now hit that number.

There are two reasons for this. Only people that are really interested will join, and the trolls and trouble makers will refuse to pay so they are highly unlikely to come and disturb us.

Any member of the Daily Trading Group (that get the daily email) will automatically qualify for the Daily Trading Webinars.

I hope to see you in there.

Please note, if you don’t have a PayPal account, just click proceed to PayPal and then it gives a pay by card option.


24 reviews for Daily Trading Webinars

  1. Darren Kemp (verified owner)

    Its HOME, friendly welcoming environment with amazing like minded people, the amount of educational information for such a small monthly fee is absolutely crazy, easily worth 3 or 4 times what we pay…
    Tony is also a breath of fresh air, helpful, amazingly knowledgable and just so open, always has time and so open and honest also some how puts up with my weirdness and constant questions lol…

  2. gazman012345 (verified owner)

    I have had e-books off Tony and been in his regular group before these webinars and i have to say its the best £7.50 i have ever spent!!!….You get to chat regular with him, have a laugh with him and i for one have seen him in a totally different light….
    I would totally recommend this group irrespective of experience too as people are at all levels with their trading and help is only a question away.

    Subscribe today and join us, you honestly will not regret it

  3. wrightj28 (verified owner)

    Known Tony for some time now…….Have purchased e.books from him and spent time having 1-2-1 as well, He is a genuine and experienced trader who is more than happy to impart trading know-how exactly as he trades himself. The Daily webinar service since the lock-down has not only given us a welcome distraction from what’s going on outside our doors, it has brought together like minded aspiring traders who apart from being part of a fantastic trading community get to enjoy webinars on a daily basis with Tony covering every aspect of trading to help you build your trading portfolio and all for £7.50/month….No Brainer……

  4. Rich T (verified owner)

    Joined the club as working from home during lockdown, so was able to watch webinars in amongst doing work for my employer. Was really taken aback by how approachable Tony is, how much of a laugh he is, and all the other members too. Honestly do not know why this man gets the stick he does from trolls. Genuine guy, doesn’t claim to be somebody he isn’t and doesn’t promise riches beyond your dreams. What he does offer is insight and though provoking material that has given me some help in my journey. I’ve been trying to trade for 3 years, and this is by far the best resource I have paid for – and at £7.50 per month, a bargain. Looking forward to seeing if it will develop me into what I want – a trader that can make a successful modest 2nd income in the long term. Thanks for everything so far Tony, and looking forward to my onward path.

  5. Tony McCormick (verified owner)

    This has been a God-send during lock-down giving me the chance to be educated on the pro’s and con’s of ‘Trading’.

    Tony’s friendly approach and voice is very welcome at this moment in time.

    Open to questions during webinars as well as private email, Tony is always happy to help.

    You cannot put a price on what I have learned in the last six weeks, not all plain sailing for me but 100% educational.

    Boy, does this fella know his stuff.

    Thank you Tony for your time, training, tuition and most of all patience.

  6. John Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Tony is open and honest about his trading on these webinars and it is great to watch him trading live and pick up his little tips and info on trading multiple sports markets.Well worth the monthly cost alone is the interview’s with other traders like minded people all willing to help you along the way. Great couple of hours a day to take your mind off the news…

  7. Richard Howley (verified owner)

    Trading is all about finding value and this is the best value I’ve ever had learning from a professional sports trader. The webinars each day are filled with expert knowledge, I’ve learned more from these webinars than anything previous. If you’re interested in sports trading this is a must especially for the price. AMAZING!

  8. ahewitt898 (verified owner)

    Joined a couple of weeks ago, thought nothing to lose now I’ve got so much spare time on my hands, plus I was beginning to go a bit stir crazy stuck at home. Have to say the group has been great, learnt a lot, and had some great fun, especially from the morning seminars on the greyhounds, also made a few quid, plus it’s added back some structure to my day. Highly recommended.

  9. Amir Shahzad (verified owner)

    I must admit, I was sceptical about these webinars that Tony Hargraves has set up for these troubled times.
    But have now seen the light. The time and effort he is spending on these highly educational daily webinars is amazing.
    Add the craic with the group members and this is a no brainer.
    Learning about trading with a pro and having a laugh at the same time.
    I have seen the light!

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    Learning new tips all the time. Don’t always have time to access the daily webinar but when I do they’re great. Look forward to learning more with the football.
    Thanks Tony

  11. Jon Morgan

    Cannot recommend these more. Bunch of like minded people who want to be profitable in their trades. I’m making consistent profit and all down to some simple techniques and analysis methods highlighted by Tony. Top guy.

  12. Seamus Redmond

    I’ve been following Tony for a number of years now and the webinars add a brilliant new dimension to his services. It’s great to be able to get online with people who have the same goal and learn from each other. As well as gaining from Tony’s knowledge, these are proving to be very entertaining and profitable. Even if they didn’t pay for themselves many times over, I’d recommend them to anyone with an interest in sports trading and betting.

  13. Tony de (verified owner)

    The webinars are an excellent learning resource and a welcome distraction at this time, Tony is a great entertainer and has a natural way of making everyone feel very welcome. He has a wealth of knowledge and he is happy to answer any questions, the monthly payment is so small that it allows anyone the chance to join in. Not only do we get the very informative webinars, we also get to chat to Tony in the Telegram Rooms and that is full of very friendly and helpful people who all share the same interest in trading.

  14. Ryan Beesley (verified owner)

    I’ve been a part time trader for many years alongside my part time job & even though I’m fairly experienced Tony takes sports trading to another level. He is very knowledgeable and He explains everything well so a beginner can easily understand and there’s always things an experienced trader can learn from. Also I have to say the price is ridiculously low! Thank you.

  15. Andrew Heaney (verified owner)

    Where do I begin? These webinars are genius. The time, effort and resource that Tony is putting into these daily (sometimes twice daily) webinars is nuts, and very much appreciated. You wont get this close to any other online exchange trader. I have picked up loads of trading tips and techniques, and on top of the books I already own and a 1-1 with the badger himself, making a full time income from home is a genuine reality.

  16. Stephen Baxter

    They are fun, educational, informative and profitable.
    What more can you ask for.

  17. Phil (verified owner)

    Superb service, both informative and very funny. Can’t speak highly enough of it.

  18. Andy (verified owner)

    Great environment to learn and pick up tips from a pro trader. Different topics are covered in detail with clarity all for less than the price of a cup of tea every day. Live trading in some webinars. Highly recommended.

  19. Mike Ingham (verified owner)

    Tony started these due to the lockdown situation in the UK, what a brilliant idea. Trading, part or full time, can be not only lonely but frustrating also. It’s a steep, very steep, learning curve and “edges” are hard to come by. However, I have attended a few of these and every one has been more than anything else educational with many “light bulb” moments in terms of research, staking, strategies etc. They are varied, presented in an informal fun way, you can ask as many questions as you like and you can’t fail to move your trading forward listening and trading with this industry expert. We are trading the Aussie hounds every morning at the moment and I have covered the small monthly fee every single day. For Tony to give of his time and expertise for such a low monthly cost is very generous. Don’t forget too you have access to the Telegram rooms where you can chat with other like minded individuals and trade live with them. Can’t rate these highly enough. If you want a mentor, look no further than Tony Hargraves.

  20. Luke (verified owner)

    Tony gives away so much value in every webinar. Just the information in 1 webinar alone makes it worth the monthly fee, this should be priced at £40 a month min for the information you will gain.

  21. Wendy (verified owner)

    The daily webinars have been a breath of fresh air, since the coronavirus came, I thought my trading came to a stop, how wrong was I, Tony knows so many others sports we can trade. He’s got so much knowledge on all sports. Thanks again Tony top bloke!

  22. Ron (verified owner)

    Found this by accident, been a great experience. Tony is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail so a beginner can easily understand and an experienced trader can learn from.. Friendly atmosphere and some great laughs along the way..gave me something to get out of bed for in these testing times..

  23. sjc9251 (verified owner)

    Fantastic all round …. often multiple webinars a day …. different topics and sports …all served up in a clear, understandable format with the webinars available for a deeper review later. Absolutely cannot fault this service – Tony’s knowledge and presentation skills are second to none – he is happy to share and help.

  24. Paul (verified owner)

    The Daily Webinars are a window to observe how a professional trader goes about how he trades on a daily basis.We get to see the nuts and bolts of this and in an enviroment with like minded students which can only improve all of our trading skills.Tony has a wealth of knowledge which is second to none.

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