SportsTrader Dogs Laying service –

SportsTrader Dogs is my new greyhound laying service delivered via BetJet Cloud.

Each day I will be laying greyhounds and with my Cloud service, there is no need for you to do anything. Once you activate the feed, every greyhound bet I do on my Betfair account, also goes onto yours.

BetJet Cloud is connected via the Betfair API and the bets are placed via Betfair, I never see or need to know your Betfair username or password. Betfair handle all of that at their end.

My bets get sent to Betfair, and they place the bets on your account instantly. All you need to do is authorise them to do so.

You have full control the amount of real money I can risk on your behalf and how much to risk on each bet.

You can turn the feed on or off at your discretion and have full access to all activities via your dashboard.

You can cancel at any time. The cost is £25 per month, so less than £1 per day. Simply stop your subscription or just ask me to do it for you.

I will email you with details on how to set up your Cloud account, and once you confirm the email you use, I can send you a code and get you started with the service.

I will be looking for dogs that I think are badly priced (looking for value) or dogs that I think have a very slim chance of winning.

I bet every one of these dogs myself and this is not a tipping service as such. I have my own money riding on them along with you.

I look forward to seeing you in our Telegram room and doing some bets together, and more importantly, having a great laugh in our webinars and making some money!

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See you there!



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