Welcome to the Premier League and Championship Football Service.  This is a brand new service for season 2022/23

What is the Premier League and Championship Football Service?

It is a members only group giving you exclusive access to all of my Premier League and Championship football selections. There will also be other leagues covered, and the World Cup, but the main focus is the top two English leagues. 

Who is it for?

Anyone that is in the beginner to intermediate group of football bettors or looking to improve their knowledge and approach to sports analysis, strategies, trading mindset, and every aspect of betting exchanges and football betting in general. Being a member of the group gives you access to all of the knowledge within the group and we will be doing some live webinars for matches throughout the year. So there will be numerous live trading events. 

Why should you join?

I have been involved in sports trading and betting exchanges since 2004 and full time since 2008. I have run hundreds of trading courses and written eight eBooks on every aspect of sports trading. Focussing mainly on cricket, football and racing, I have done many courses for Betfair UK and Betfair Australia from 2009 to 2019. I often rotate my activities to avoid going stale and swap between racing, football, greyhounds and cricket. For the past few years I have done racing and spend the pandemic doing 100 Club, where we took 100 traders for six months and traded daily. That was a lot of fun and a lot of those traders are still members today. 

I believe I can help you improve your football betting, approach to analysis, the way you look at value and making smarter decisions. Sometimes the best bet is to make no bet. 

Myself and our team of admins will be available seven days a week, to help you with any questions. We will help you with analysis, staking, strategy, bank management, recovery, mindset, setting up a trading station, every single angle of sports trading will be covered in our live webinars and education sessions. 

As part of the group, you will often be invited to other webinars when I do them on horses or greyhounds, it’s all part of the deal for joining our community of traders. 

What do I get for my subscription fee?

You get exclusive access to me seven days a week. You will have all emails answered within 24 hours. You will get members only access to webinars, podcasts, videos, private Twitter and Telegram feeds, plus live trades as I do them on the spot. You will get help with any difficult positions you need advice on. None of this will be publicly available and I will be solely focussed on our group and helping you get where you want to be in your sports trading journey.

The group will cover football, cricket, horse racing and will include many days and evenings of me live trading events with you. We will watch and trade matches together and I will advise the trades I am doing, why I am doing them, and you can either follow or just be an observer. We will also discuss during the event, strategies and possible angles to exit or increase profit.

What does it cost?

The cost is less than £1 per day at £29.99 per month. You can cancel any time and there is no minimum term or commitment. As always, any issues, just contact me, and we will sort it right out. 

I look forward to welcoming you into our group, getting to know you, and helping you advance your sports trading knowledge and results.