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Hello and welcome. My name is Tony Hargraves. I started trading in 2004, after a friend discovered there was a way to back all outcomes in a match and win regardless of the result. The resulting search found Betfair and the rest is history — we opened accounts and played with the numbers and now consider it the only way to operate in the sports betting industry.

By 2008 I was trading full time. I was an active member of a trading forum, posting videos and advice for users of various betting exchange trading software products. At the suggestion of a colleague, I started teaching via trading courses at various locations around the U.K. and I also developed my own trading software, BetJet Pro.

Built in 2021, it is far superior to everything else currently on the market. Mainly because all the others were built pre 2010 and use now obsolete technology. BetJet Pro was specifically designed for speed. Other products have a million useless bells and whistles, that 99% of traders will never want or use, and it slows the software down. BetJet Pro is just fast, efficient, practical, looks incredible and just does exactly what traders in fast moving markets need. I strongly suggest you check it out and take a trial. We also have the best customer service in the industry.

I also offer advice on trading and run full day courses, on a number of subjects, or you can check out my trading Books, and the new highlight service, started in November 2023, BadgerBets.

This service is delivered via BetJet Cloud and places the exact bets I do on my Betfair account, straight onto your Betfair account. I started the service as a lot of people say they don’t have time to follow live betting and trading advice, so if I was to post in my Telegram room a bet I am about to do, around 90% of room members won’t see that, as they are likely not sitting in Telegram waiting for me to post a bet. So they miss it. Now they need never miss another bet again. You can read more about it on the link above.

We have several Telegram rooms, on Racing, Cricket, Football, Tennis, General trading, and a special room where our traders post their trades for you to follow should you wish to do so. We also have specialist rooms for elections and any special events. It’s amazing how many people want to share their stories, their experiences and their trading journey,  so we made a place to do so.

We have created an incredible community, with well over 600 traders and the rooms are a great place to hang out if spending time at the computer trading. It can be a lonely business and everyone enjoys having others for company. The links to the rooms are in the eBooks.

So please have a look around and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Horse Racing & Sports Trading eBooks

Individual books are up to £49.99 each or you can add all EIGHT to your cart and get the bundle for only £149.99 That is a massive saving of £150. It is a 60% discount.

Add all eight books and use coupon code ‘BUNDLE’ to get £150 in discounts at checkout.

Featured Book

MINDSET is the BIGGEST key to winning at trading and is the thing most people pay the least attention to.

This book is an explanation of the mental approach I use to keep control of my mindset and attitude to losing trades. It also explains in detail how I look at trading overall after moving from life as a courier in the incredible harbour city of Sydney, to the remote countryside of south west Scotland and the changes I had to make to my attitude and outlook.

It become an eye opening experience, and certainly was attitude changing to discover that the two careers are very closely aligned.

The other book I recommend is our latest book, Trading Greyhounds. It shows exactly how we analyse a greyhound race and make our lay selections.

We often do promotions on our books, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed @SportsTrader_AU for any new deals on offer.