About Tony Hargraves


My name is Tony Hargraves,  I started trading in 2004, after a friend requested I find a way to back all events in a match and win regardless of the result. The resulting search found Betfair which was not well known in Australia and the rest is history — we opened accounts and played with the numbers and now consider it the only way to operate in the sports-betting industry.

By 2008 I was trading full time. I was an active member of the Betfair Traders Forum at RacingTraders, posting videos and advice for users of the BetTrader trading software product. At the suggestion of the (then) owner of RacingTraders (Adam Todd) I started teaching via trading courses at various locations around the U.K.

I then spent nearly 3 years in Scotland getting involved with the UK trading community, making many friends and great contacts in the trading business. I joined numerous forums, and enjoy helping people get started on their trading journey. It is an exciting new concept to many and the realisation of how it is possible to make money from trading sports while the game is actually in-play really opens the eyes of a lot of people that have grown up just popping into the bookies and having a tenner on their team.

I have had people fly in from Europe and fly and drive all over the UK for the courses and all have had an enjoyable day. I do group or individual courses and really enjoy meeting the people in person.

I have just returned from Australia where I was running seminars for Betfair and have also done many training courses for them in England and Ireland.

My main trading focus now is on UK football and international cricket trading. Racing is my other serious trading sport where I mainly do pre-race trading with limited in-running techniques using BetTrader Evolution. Racing will not be a regular part of the trading service, but I do cover all sports and major sporting events.

So exciting times ahead. I hope you will join me in my latest adventure, The Sports Trader, and look forward to a very successful year.

Regards, Tony