Welcome to the Badger Racing Club. The BRC started in 2024 and is going along nicely with a great happy group of traders.


What is the  Badger Racing Club?


It is a members only group giving you exclusive access to all of the activities of the trading club group for each month you wish to be a member. There is no minimum time, and you can leave and come back as you like. All bets are done via BetJet Cloud so you don’t need to be present for racing, you can  be at work, or out with the family, or even sleeping in the UK as this is done on Australian horse racing. There are some UK races covered. 


Who is it for?


Anyone that wants to jump on my in running trades without actually having to click a button. BetJet Cloud does all the work for you. The instant I place a bet on my Betfair account, that goes to BetJet Cloud, then instantly to Betfair and they replicate the bet on your Betfair account. At no stage do I have have any access to your Betfair account or funds. Only the amount you allocate can be used. So if you have £1000 or $1000 in your account and you wish to just have a virtual bank of 100 for the racing service, that is the total amount can be used. You can then set that up as 10 units so every time I place a bet, Betfair will replicate it on your account for a liability of £10 or $10. 


Why should you join?


I have been involved in horse racing on betting exchanges since 2004 and full time since 2008. I have run hundreds of trading courses and written seven eBooks on every aspect of sports trading. Focussing mainly on horse racing, I have done many courses for Betfair UK and Betfair Australia from 2009 to 2019. I have traded racing at least five days a week for the past 12 years and I am offering to share all of that experience and knowledge in a new racing club, which will include some innovations never offered before by any other trader. In fact there is no other trader on the internet that will live trade with you. 


I will be trading the racing LIVE, at least three days a week, and all seven days will be covered at various times, and there will be some evening meetings traded in the summer.

For most weeks, it will be Wednesday and Saturday, with the other days just having the best races picked out. They might be handicaps or lead up races to bigger meetings later in the month. Sometimes we might swap out a day for a night meeting at Moonee Valley or Canterbury. 



If there is enough interest, I would also be happy to look at doing some live webinars during the racing and you can see me trading live right on your own screen. 

What do you get for your subscription fee?


You get exclusive access to me seven days a week via Telegram. You will have any emails or messages answered within 24 hours. You will get members only access to webinars, podcasts, videos, a private members only Telegram group.

You will get help with any difficult aspect of racing you need advice on. None of this will be publicly available and I will be solely focussed on our group and helping you get where you want to be as far as trading the racing goes.



What does it cost?


The cost was £99 per month but we have now made that £45 as everything is getting pretty expensive in our lives. It is set up as a recurring payment. You can leave at any time. You also get access to BadgerBets (my football service)  for the one payment. You get to choose if you want football and racing or just the racing. 



Why am I doing this?


The question I am most often asked is, “can you do this for me as I don’t have time”. The second most asked question is “can I just send you money and you trade for me?” Well, BetJet Cloud solves both of those issues. I can now help the people that are too busy and I can help the people that want to follow my trades without having to do it themselves and without having to send any money!


If you would like to be a part of an exclusive racing club, and get any personal help, advice and attention you need, then come and join us and reap the benefits of being in a private group, with no outside negativity, and be in a place where everyone encourages everyone to help them succeed.



If you are interested, please go here Badger Racing Club and click join now. 


I look forward to welcoming you into our group, getting to know you, and helping you advance your racing and trading knowledge and improving your results.