BadgerBets is our new combined sports laying service. It is all delivered seamlessly via BetJet Cloud.

You MUST have an active and funded Betfair account to use the service.

Two sports will be covered. Australian Horse Racing, and global Football,

I started the service doing greyhounds, but due to a dire lack of dogs, with many races now four or five dogs events, I have stopped offering dogs on the service.

However, you don’t need to accept bets on both racing and football to join the service. You can turn racing or football on and off instantly as you desire.

If you only want horses and football, you would just select those as shown below. These are currently the only two options anyway. If you didn’t want football, just uncheck it and save.

You will get all bets for racing and football if you have both selected. If you want no bets at all for any reason (taking a break or using your Betfair bank for other personal bets), you would just change the top setting (Active) from YES to NO and save.

You can cancel at any time. Just cancel your subscription and set active to NO. Your subscription will expire on the natural expiration date but no further payments will be taken, and no further bets will be placed on your Cloud account.

This service will be looking for premium quality bets in each sport. There is no set expectation on the number of football per day or per week. Racing bets will be Wednesday and Saturday due to huge in running low liquidity issues in running.

So when you are ready, join up and let’s see if we can make some money together. Every bet I suggest I have done myself on my own account. So this is not “tipping” as such. This is just a service delivered by BetJet Cloud to give you the same bets I do myself.

I have also joined forces with a few personal friends and colleagues in the Australian betting landscape to share their best lays each day as well. So this service will be a superb mixture of my bets, and the best of theirs. In a nutshell, if I think it is good enough to bet my own money on, I will share it on the Cloud for all of us.

The service will work on liability mode, so when you set up you will need to fill in two boxes. One is the Virtual bank. This is the amount you are prepared to lose in total on this service. So if you set that to £300 or $300 if in Australia, then even if you have £5000 or $10,000 in your Betfair account, the most I can possibly lose you is £300/$300. That’s it.

Then the amount you are willing to risk per bet. So if I get any bet wrong and the selection wins, this is the amount you would lose. I recommend you keep that at £50 or $100 or lower.

I would recommend you have that spilt into 40 units, but definitely a minimum of 20. So a £200 bank would be £10 (risk not stake) or £400 bank at £10 risk per bet for a 40 unit bank.

Using liability mode, means you can only lose a set fixed amount, regardless of the price I lay any selection. This makes it much easier to manage your bank.

If I lay something at 2.00 and it wins, you will lose £10/$10 but if I lay something at 20/1 and it wins, you still only lose £10/$10. The loss is constant, it’s the win amount that will vary, and the lower the price I lay, the more we will make. With staking, the win is constant but the loss can vary and that can make things too volatile.

If you have any questions, just grab me in Telegram in one of our groups, or drop me an email.

If you haven’t got yourself a BetJet Cloud account then go and Register and follow the steps.

Look out for the verification email and click the link. This should not take more than 10 minutes. It may take just a few seconds.

Start approval to link your Betfair account by clicking Start Approval.

To then sign up to BadgerBets…

Click BadgerBets to take you to the sign up page.

Sign up and you will be redirected to your dashboard where the new service is automatically added.

Click on the settings wheel icon.

Make your account active by selecting YES (‘YES’ allows BadgerBets to bet on your account, ‘NO’ stops bets being made).

Set your virtual bank – the total amount you are prepared to risk on the service. This can be less than your actual Betfair balance. Or more, but if you don’t have the funds, the Cloud can’t bet for you.

Set your liability – this is the amount of risk PER BET, so should be at least 1/20th of your virtual bank. So for a bank of £500/$500 the minimum should be £25/$25 but consider making it £10/$10.

Total Units – will be automatically calculated for you based on your virtual bank and liability.

Select which sports you wish to receive.

Read the general terms + disclaimers.

If you agree, select yes to agree to terms.

Click save changes.

That’s it, you are ready to roll.

Just click below to join us.