Trading Mindset is one of the most important factors of succeeding at sports betting. The ability to deal with wins and losses, success and failure, triumph and defeat with the exact some emotional reaction is difficult to master. But I believe it is a core ingredient and can be the difference between winning and losing as a trader.  

In this video series, I take you through many real life experiences that changed my outlook on trading on betting, and how I can now very easily accept winning and losing without a change in emotional state.

I no longer go on tilt after a loss or do a lap of the living room after a winning trade. I expect to win every trade I enter, but readily accept this is simply not possible and there will be a myriad of reasons trades succeed or fail, most of them not down to any incorrect decisions on my part. Sporting results are often the culmination of luck, good and bad and you need to accept now, that some of your wins will be down to sheer good fortune, and some losses will be because of terribly bad luck, but neither of those things are in your control.

This series will help you understand what you can control, how to approach certain situations, deal with them, and quickly move on to the next task.

The Psychology Video Package is a four part series with six videos explaining how I approach the mental side of sports trading.

The four parts run for 73 minutes in total.

They are broken up in 6 sessions, so they can be viewed and reviewed to get all the information.

Part 1 (two videos) 29 minutes run time.

  • Common reasons for failure
  • Psychology- Mental Approach – Betting Motivation

Part 2 (two videos) 19 minutes run time.

  • Approach trading like a business
  • Mental Conditioning
  • FOMO
  • Case Study (many will think he has been spying on them)
  • Attitude to money

My secret to money attitude, and why you need to adopt it!

Part 3 (one video) 12 minutes run time.

  • The Dopamine Effect (you most certainly suffer from it, it is can be overcome)

Part 4 (1 video) 11 minutes run time.

  • Frame of mind
  • Trading Process
  • Things you must do to succeed
  • Developing as a trader

The videos use Powerpoint, which makes taking notes easy, and the understanding of what you need to do, is made very clearly.

You can watch the videos, wherever you have internet connection, so perfect to watch on the phone in commute, the longest video is 18 minutes.

Hopefully, there will be a few penny drop moments when watching these 6 videos.

I am primarily a full-time trader, but have trained thousands to learn trading, both in live workshops, 1-2-1 and via Skype.

This way you have my clear thoughts on trading mind set any time you want it. Had a bad day trading, watch one of these to reset the mindset.

Repetition is the only way to create a habit whether good or bad. Viewing these videos over and over will hopefully instil a great Trading Mindset.

I will also be available via email should you have any further questions.