For me, the day was excellent. The venue was top-notch. Lunch was superb, and Cassie was a 10/10. Tony was outstanding, and I could watch him trade and listen to him all week. Very inspiring. Oh, and he bought us all a drink round the boozer afterwards … nice touch.

Mick — Birmingham Course 2014

After three days of giving this a go as and when I can I have thinking the practicing is starting to pay off.

It was a bit up and down on the first day as I was staying in the trades to long. I know you explained this on the course but I was staying in thinking I could turn it around which is wrong and I am telling myself not to do it.

I sat and watched all of your videos last night on youtube as research and today tried again and did not have a losing race as you can see from my results as I am documenting them as I go along.

Martin — Birmingham Course 2014

First of all thank you for a really great day yesterday at your training course.

I was VERY impressed with the day as a whole. Your knowledge was truly exceptional but perhaps your best attribute was yourself.

To see winning bet after winning bet was inspiring to say the least and gives me genuine confidence that once I’m familiar with your teachings that I to can make a great income from trading and sports betting.

Thanks again for a truly great day can’t thank you enough and look forward to having you help me achieve all my betting goals.
Robert — Birmingham Course 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent course yesterday. The course was exactly what I have been looking for and was explained perfectly. I thought I was new to this but realised during the course I know more than a lot of the guys there and actually think with a bit of practice I will get the hang of the speed which is the only thing I need to master.
I am going to watch the youtube videos you have posted and then go from there.
Anyway thanks for the brilliant course.
Martin — Birmingham Course 2014

Hi Tony
An excellent day yesterday – as I mentioned at the end of the session, very brave of you to go live in an unknown venue!

But the proof was there for all to see, I have paid too many times in the past for people post rationalising screenshots.

I will be setting up my trading room next week.
JJ — Birmingham Course 2014

I’d like to again thank you for the course yesterday.

Whilst it is mostly aimed at beginner to intermediary level, it helped reinforce things I had already learned by trial and error, plus a few good tips along the way. Furthermore it has encouraged me to spend some time on live trading rather than 100% of my time developing that elusive ultimate trigger. Regular cash flow is always nice!

IAN — Birmingham Course 2014

It was great to meet you last Saturday in Birmingham.

I had a fantastic day and numerous ‘Aha’ moments, for which I am grateful to you.
I now look at the Racing and Soccer markets from a different view point.

I follow your comments on Twitter and will subscribe to ‘Sports Trader’ in the near future when I can dedicate more time to my trading.

Thanks once again for a very enlightening day.

EDDIE — Birmingham Course 2014