In Running Racing 

Australian Racing Course


Wednesday March 20th 2024


Join us for a full day course looking at betting and trading Australian racing on Betfair.

9:00 — 17:00, March 20th 2024 Sydney City Centre

To register interest in a place at a price of $250 (£130) drop me an email at

This price will increase to $350 (£180) on March 1st and then $450 (£230) from March 10th so get in early to get the best deal. 

This course will be closed once 50 people have signed up.

Join us for a full day of racing and learn about trading (and betting)  close up with a focus on trading Australian Racing both pre race and in running.

We will cover everything from race analysis, reading form, speed maps, to race reading and show you how very often it is better to make a decision once the race has started and you know where your horse has settled, and how he is travelling.

So often when a horse is backed, a punter can see straight after the start they have no chance to win the race. It could miss the jump, or settle last on the fence which may be the last place you wanted or expected it to be. You wish you could take your bet back.

Actually, you can do that. You could simply lay the horse on Betfair, using some incredible software we will show you on the day, called BetJet Pro and now that back bet is covered and your cash is not gone in the first 50 metres.

We will show you a stack of great strategies in running using backing and laying techniques and how to get the most from your betting.

Some of the strategies covered will be (but not limited to)

Back to Lay – Backing a horse we think may lead or be right up on the speed early. We then lay that horse at a much lower price to lock in a profit, and it then doesn’t matter which horse wins the race.

Lay to Back – Laying a horse we think may drop out early or be coming from a poor barrier out wide, or on the fence with a short run to the forst corne and then back it at a higher price in runnig to lcok in the profit. If it comes back to win, we don’t care, as we have locked in the profit already and now it won’t matter which one wins.

Dutching – This is where we back multiple horse to win (or lose) in a race.

Hedging – We show you how to back or lay and then hedge evenly for an equal profit across the whole field for an equal profit. Any horse can win the race then, and you win the same amount on whichever one wins.

Zeroing – This is where we remove any profit.

Trading Tools – We show you all the really cool features in BetJet Pro to make trading lightning fast and as easy as possible, placing three bets with just once click of a mouse of pushing a button on your keyboard.

Finding Value – How to use the features in BetJet Pro to get the very best back price or the very lowest lay price on your horses and ensuring you obtain better value than every other punter in the market.

Race reading – We will do a session on race reading and how to spot in running opportunities.

In Running Strategies – Some simple ways to really break down a race and make your in running decisions far easier.

Interactive – We want you to suggest what you would do in a particular race and we will show you the best way to execute that plan using the software.


This is how the day will run.

9.00am Introduction  

  • Foundation principles of trading
  • Trading environment
  • Common reasons for failure

We then get into the nuts and bolts of Southwell. How the track plays out and why.

  • What is in running trading
  • Understanding signals from a horse
  • Understanding signals from a jockey
  • Why is trading software important
  • Position of a selection
  • Horse racing videos showing exactly what we are looking for and some trades we have done recently

We go through all of the strategies that will be in use, how they work and when to deploy them.

  • Discipline
  • Money management
  • Mental approach
  • Drones and how they affect the market – UK markets
  • GPS – is it the future of in running trading and how to take advantage of those using it. UK markets

We look at which horse to trade, and why we chose it, signals, entry points, exit points, and every aspect of a racing market.

We look at how to set up BetJet Pro to place an entry, exit and hedge with one click of a mouse or one tap of a key on your keyboard.

We look at one horse strategies, two horse, three horse and going into a race with no preconceived idea to just see what unfolds and how to react to it.

12.30pm to 1.30pm Lunch

1.35pm to 5.00pm Live Racing putting it all into practice.

We will be live trading several race meetings, showing you exactly how we put everything you have been shown into action, as it happens.

We will use the grid and ladder on BetJet Pro to cater for either preference.

To wrap it up, we will review some races and analyse what happened and if there were other possible ways to trade the race.

After racing  Q & A

After racing we will have a Q and A and I will answer all of your questions.

Why attend the course? 

This is an opportunity, to see live, how to trade horse racing manually and using minimal automation, during the race rather than simply betting on them and hoping they win or lose if you have laid one.

We will be looking at the specifics of Australian racing and how to trade it.

You don’t need a huge betting bank to get started. Trade with as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. You won’t be required to trade on the day, but you can follow the action if you wish with betting at the same time I do.

Bring a laptop if you wish to follow along.

This is not just about finding the winner of the race. This is actually nothing to do with which horse wins, it is about sharpening up the thought process and showing how professionals bet in running and what tools they are using to do it.

Who should attend? 

  • Anyone with a serious interest in trading the Australian racing markets.
  • Anyone with a genuine interest in seeing exactly how the professional traders operate on the UK and Australian markets and finding out how easy it is to implement those strategies.
  • Anyone interested in simplifying betting on Betfair and how to take advantage of what trading software can tell you about a market in the minutes before they jump, and how it gives you real time vital information in running that you can then use faster than the vast majority of people
Please email for more details or to book a place. 
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