Sydney Trading Course

Sydney Trading Course


Join us for a full day of racing and learn about trading (and betting)  close up with a focus on trading Australian Racing both pre race and in running.

We will cover everything from race analysis, reading form, speed maps, to race reading and show you how very often it is better to make a decision once the race has started and you know where your horse has settled, and how he is travelling.

So often when a horse is backed, a punter can see straight after the start they have no chance to win the race. It could miss the jump, or settle last on the fence which may be the last place you wanted or expected it to be. You wish you could take your bet back.

Actually, you can do that. You could simply lay the horse on Betfair, using some incredible software we will show you on the day, called BetJet Pro and now that back bet is covered and your cash is not gone in the first 50 metres.

We will show you a stack of great strategies in running using backing and laying techniques and how to get the most from your betting.



Course Content

I will look at trading the Racing markets on the exchanges and the opportunities during the race. I show you the betting exchanges and how they work. How to get started and learn to identify and profit from great trading opportunities.

Here is your chance to get my methods and see them in action in these Live Trading Workshops.

We look at everything you need to succeed in the racing markets. I look at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, backing and laying at the right price, stop losses, how to get out of difficult positions by averaging, etc. I show you entry and exit points, how to read the markets and when a price is going to reverse and why and help you make sure you are getting in and getting out of the market at the right time.

I look at the BetJet Pro trading software and how to use it and all of the tools in the software are explained in a relaxed way that will be suited to your pace and level of experience.

This course will focus on racing, and specifically trading in running but will cover all aspects.


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