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This book will look at all the angles for making a success of trading the UK racing markets in running, that is during the actual running of the race. Included are 15 exclusive videos demonstrating live in play trading.

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The eBook

This book will look at all the angles for making a success of trading the UK racing markets in running, that is during the actual running of the race.

I discovered enough knowledge watching many thousands of races as a youngster, to know when my horse was beaten and I wouldn’t be collecting at the end of the race. Now I apply those skills to horses I have not bet on before the race, but nevertheless (in my opinion) no longer have a chance to win, and can be laid during the race.

This is NOT the same as forming an opinion before the race that a certain horse can’t win, and laying it and hoping it gets beaten. That is a fast way to the poor house.

We are backing and laying horses on the UK horse racing markets after the race has started.

We will be looking at sprint races, and distance races and use a combination of manual trading techniques, where we rely solely on our own judgement and good hand-eye coordination, along with some automated trading tools like tick offset and stop entry tools among other strategies.

15 Exclusive Videos

I am going to be showing you a series of videos. These are only available to people that have bought this book and will not be available publicly. There will be a written description of what I am doing and looking for, and then a video to show it in action.

You will see the actual races I have traded, the bets I have placed on those races and I will also highlight other examples in races to show the exact things we are looking for.

It is also very important to note that I will be adding to the video library over the next 12 months. So in addition to what is available now, there will be videos added, that only people that have bought this book will see. They will not be made public.

Additional, important message from Tony

I have decided to provide an explanation of what is in the eBook so you can read it and decide for yourself before you buy it, to see if it is what you are looking for.

The book comes in two parts. The written PDF and then access to videos showing you each strategy described in the book. These are secured on the website and you must log in to see them.

Once logged in, you can read the book, click on a video and it will open in a new window.

It includes a couple of bet free explanation videos just showing what I am looking for without trades being placed. Of course there are also videos with the race showing and bets being placed at the same time to show you exactly what I do in running.

That last sentence is important. This eBook shows you WHAT I DO in running. That is what you are paying for. So if you are interested in what I do, then buy the book.

To be clear, this is not a “I guarantee you will make money every race” book, this is a “what I do” book.

It is volatile, and far riskier than scalping or pre race trading. Conversely it is far more rewarding.

Whereas I may make £10-£20 pre race, you can make £20 to £100 in running but of course, that comes with a higher degree of risk.

I can guarantee you will lose some trades. The way we trade in running is never a sure thing. We use good judgement and sometimes need some good luck.

I just didn’t want you to read it, place some trades, lose money and start firing off emails.

It will take time to get good at it. This is not a “secret strategy” that you just plug and play and make money.

I just wanted that to be clear before you pay for something and then say you didn’t know what you are getting. I urge you to ask any questions you may have BEFORE you buy it.

Enjoy the book.



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    spencer (verified owner)

    Thank you Tony for sharing the way you trade on horses,at such a cheap price too,I recovered the money i paid for the book within 5 races.

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