BetJet Cloud Betting Service


The BetJet Cloud betting service is a brand new copy bet service. You can have the exact bets we do on dogs and football replicated on your Betfair account. The first question you will have is “How does that work”?

We have created a cloud based application called BetJet Cloud. The way it works, is once you have been through the Betfair security, and authorised your account, then all selected bets that we do on our account, get replicated on yours.  You have full control over how much is being bet, and the total amount at risk.

You do not need to be present to have the bets placed. You do not need to have your computer turned on. It is accessed via a website and you simply set Active to yes/no and set a virtual bank. That virtual bank is the amount of real money you are prepared to put at risk.

So even if you have a £2000 balance in your Betfair account, and you have the VB set to £100, then the most you can possibly lose from your balance is £100. You would then set a points bank to divide that bank by how many points you would like.

So if you have a virtual bank set to 100 and points of 50, then every bet we place, no matter how much we bet on our account, will only risk £2 of your money.

If you set it to 20 points, then it will risk a maximum of £5 per bet and if you set it to 10 points, then it will risk £10 per bet.

You will be able to set it to stop if you reach say £50 profit per day, or lose £50 per day.

You can of course go bigger, and have a VB of 1000 and set it to 10 points and that would risk £100 per bet, but we would recommend a maximum of £20 to £50 maximum risk.

So if you think this may be for you, then get in touch, as we are starting in January.

There will be two services – Dogs and Football to start. We will then add racing and other sports once we are ready to expand.

Anybody can join BetJet Cloud as a tipster, so if you have a service, and you would like to have the ability to have customers subscribe to your service, that are currently unable to do so due to work or time commitments, then this is for you.

Also, if you already follow someone, or would like to follow someone, but maybe you don’t have time to do it, then let us know, and we will contact them and see if they are prepared to offer our remote service so you can follow their bets.

We will have results available for all tipsters on the site and you will see the number of bets, the ROI, the P&L, and everything you need to make an informed choice on whom to follow.

For more information please get in touch or to join, just click links below.

BetJet Cloud Football

BetJet Cloud Dogs


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