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The Sports Trade Ebook

The Sports Trader

A comprehensive look at every aspect of Sports Trading.
It covers the A-Z of what to do to replicate how professional traders go about their business.

Everything you will need to move from a beginner or hobby trader to a more advanced level.

It shows you how to analyse events, make your own process before comparing them to the market, finding value and how to take advantage of it. It looks at the mindset required to succeed and how to sometimes go against the herd to take advantage of that herd mentality that leads to losses.

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Racing Trader eBook

The Racing Trader

This book looks at everything you need to succeed in the UK and Australian racing markets. It looks at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, backing and laying at the right price, stop losses, how to get out of difficult positions.

It shows you entry and exit points, how to read the markets and when a price is going to reverse and why and help you make sure you are getting in and out of the market at the right time.

It looks at trading software and how to use it and all of the tools in the software are explained in a separate website with helpful videos.

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Football Trader eBook

Trading Football

This book on trading football is aimed at beginners to both trading and betting on football. You may have bet on football for many years, and don’t quite understand the concept or opportunities of trading the game as opposed to just betting on it.

This book will introduce you to the seven main football markets I trade myself on a daily basis. It also looks at which leagues, competition, and tournaments I get involved with and which ones I avoid. 

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Cricket Trader eBook

Trading Cricket

Cricket trading is becoming a multi billion pound business now that T20 cricket has become the phenomenon it is today. With the IPL, Big Bash League, T20 Men’s and Women’s World Cup and the T20 Blast in the UK, betting on cricket is now just huge.

I am going to look at Test cricket, 50 over cricket, T20 and also look at the emergence of the women’s game and what opportunities that affords us.

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Strategies eBook

Trading Strategies

This book looks at the strategies I use to succeed trading sports on Betfair. 15 strategies for use on Football, Cricket, Racing (both horse and hound), Tennis, Motor Racing & Rugby.

I will endeavour to examine various sports and the strategies used to extract money from the markets. All of these work, although of course not all of the time. Nothing works 100% of the time and as with normal trading you will experience losses and losing days. Don’t get disheartened with the strategy, just keep at it and stick to proper risk management, attitude and discipline.

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